June 26, 1979

Hamilton Place

Hamilton, ON


America's Veins, Oh War!, Gravity, Charmonium, The Party (including Sarniatown Reggae), Ghost Riders In The Sky, Sun Voices, Moon Voices, Paradise Skies, Diamonds Diamonds, Let Go The Line, A Million Vacations, Research (at Beach Resorts), High Class In Borrowed Shoes, Rascal Houdi, Beyond The Moon, Waterline, Coming Off The Moon, Hangover


Like they did in England earlier in the month, the band play the The "Sarniatown Reggae" heard on Live Magnetic Air. Tonight they begin with the reggae bit, and then play the song proper.

Tonight the band do a rare instrumental take on the cowboy classic Ghost Riders In The Sky, accompanied by a hilarious story Kim tells about a fake Rolling Stone magazine contest that he says Max Webster entered.

Before he introduces A Million Vacations, Kim draws a ticket stub from a box to give a lucky fan a trip to "The Bahamas or Mexico." While implying the winner is a groupie, he joked that they'll "go down south" with Dave Myles. The winner was actually a 14 year old kid. The theatre was full of beach balls during the song.


The two sets of colour photos are by Pat Brooks and Les Roth respectively. The b/w photos are © Philip Kamin.



Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
Gary McCracken - Drums
Dave Myles - Bass