April 18, 1981

Municipal Auditorium

Mobile, AL


Today's soundcheck is the last time Max Webster would play together for nearly a decade. They were headed to catering when Kim told the band he was leaving.

Alex Lifeson recalls: "I remember pulling into that gig and all the guys were sitting on the grass and they looked so despondent. 'Kim's had enough. He can't take it anymore. He was on a flight this morning and went home.'"

And without much fanfare, this is where the Max Webster story ends.

Until 1990.

Other Bands on the Bill:



Photos by stage monitor tech Robert Frazer, about five minutes after they found out Kim left the band. "I asked Terry to express his feelings into the camera, and he did it so succinctly."



Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Gary McCracken - Drums
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
Mike Gingrich - Bass
Steve McMurray - Guitar