December 21, 1980

Harpo's Concert Theatre

Detroit, MI


Check, Oh War!, Mash Moon In Hawaii, Paradise Skies, Lip Service, Rascal Houdi, Cry Out For Your Life, Here Among The Cats, Drive And Desire, In The World Of Giants, In Context Of The Moon, What Do You Do With The Urge, Look Out, April In Toledo, Waterline, Old Man, The Party, Battle Scar, Hangover


Terry Watkinson has returned to the band, although his role is greatly reduced as he's off in the corner more like a sideman, and none of his songs are in the setlist.

Most of Universal Juveniles is performed tonight, while there are only four songs from the first two albums combined. One of them is In Context Of The Moon, which is performed with some new and interesting embellishments, but also with a minute cut from the song (the "out of the day, into the night" section). The song would be performed this way until their breakup a few months later.

After the second song, the band vamp on a single chord and Kim delivers a series of jokes, including some of the dialogue that was part of Mash Moon In Hawaii, which goes back to 1975.

Gary McCracken plays What Do You Do With The Urge on guitar, and Kim plays drums. Half way in the song trainwrecks, and they each return to their respective posts and finish the song as per usual.


These photos almost certainly aren't from this date, but they are from this era of the band.

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Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Gary McCracken - Drums
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
Mike Gingrich - Bass
Steve McMurray - Guitar