April 19, 1980

Roxy Theatre

Barrie, ON

Setlist Included:

Check, Drive And Desire, In The World Of Giants, In Context Of The Moon, Rascal Houdi, April In Toledo, Battle Scar, Beyond The Moon, High Class In Borrowed Shoes, Coming Off The Moon, Hangover, The Party


The band played two shows today that were filmed and recorded for a May 10 simulcast. It was broadcast on City TV's The New Music, with stereo audio simultaneously heard on CHUM FM. Ten songs were seen/heard, and the footage has widely circulated since its airing.

'Check' is performed mostly as an instrumental, as the lyrics hadn't yet been worked out.

Kim announces "Even Stars' Stomachs Growl" as a new song, the working title for Drive and Desire.

April In Toledo was played as well, according to TV interview with Kim and Pye a few days before the show.

A City TV employee shared this anecdote: "It was so cold in the theatre that the bass player wore gloves during sound check. Also our mobile, which we owned at the time, had expired license plates and was stopped by the OPP. One of the CHUM execs hired a tow truck to tow the mobile into place. We could tow it, just couldn't drive it."

This was their fifth gig with former Rainbow keyboardist Dave Stone. He speaks about his time in Max Webster in this interview.

In the autumn some additional footage (about three minutes of Battle Scar) from this show was aired on The New Music. Also included was footage of the new five-piece lineup of the band busy and joking around in a rehearsal studio.


First concert photo submitted by Scott Rogers.
The b/w photos are by Rod Sein.

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Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Gary McCracken - Drums
Dave Myles - Bass
Dave Stone - Keyboards