January 26, 1980

Mid-Hudson Civic Center

Poughkeepsie, NY


Check, Oh War!, Beyond The Moon, America's Veins, In Context Of The Moon, Here Among The Cats, Battle Scar, The Party


Battle Scar actually dates back to 1973, as original bassist Mike Tilka says it was the first original song the band performed live. It was dropped from their set for years, until they attempted recording it in 1979 (this version is heard on the bootleg disc of "The Party" box set). Max then revived the song for this tour with Rush. Soon the two bands jammed the song together at a soundcheck, and on July 28, 1980 it was recorded with both bands in the same room. As Neil Peart recalls in the Moving Pictures tour programme:

"An intense thunderstorm raged outside all day long, while indoors a storm of a different kind was brewing. In the studios of Phase One, two complete sets of equipment crammed the room, and two complete bands filled the air with a Wagnerian tumult, as Max Webster and ourselves united to record a song for their album, called Battlescar [sic]."

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Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
Gary McCracken - Drums
Dave Myles - Bass