December 31, 1979

Maple Leaf Gardens

Toronto, ON

Setlist Included:

America's Veins, Oh War!, A Million Vacations, Gravity, Paradise Skies, Beyond The Moon, Waterline, Coming Off The Moon, Toronto Tontos, The Party, Hangover


This is the first of two consecutive sold out New Year's Eve shows Max Webster would headline at Maple Leaf Gardens. They are considered by many to be the pinnacle of the band's career.

Comedian Bob Saget once remarked that he opened for Max Webster at Maple Leaf Gardens, and the Globe And Mail review below confirms that it was this night.

Other Bands on the Bill:

Bob Saget, Private Eye, Saga


The first four photos are © Philip Kamin.
Photos 7-14 by Pete Dove.
15-23 by Paul Whiteside.
24-27 by Monica Murphy.

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Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
Gary McCracken - Drums
Dave Myles - Bass