July 16, 1979

Café Campus

Quebec City, QC


America's Veins, Night Flights, A Million Vacations, Research (at Beach Resorts), Diamonds Diamonds, Let Go The Line, Let Your Man Fly, Paradise Skies, Lip Service, Beyond The Moon, Oh War!, Charmonium, Girl From Ipanema, In Context Of The Moon, Look Out, Sun Voices, Moon Voices, Waterline, Coming Off The Moon, Toronto Tontos, Ghost Riders In The Sky, The Party (including Sarniatown Reggae), Hangover


This gig before a very enthusiastic audience is in a small club where they play two sets and an encore (they take a break between sets after Beyond The Moon).

They perform almost all of the A Million Vacations album, minus only Rascal Houdi.

Contrary to most other live versions dating back to 1975 (and as recent as three weeks ago), Research at Beach Resorts is performed with the album arrangement and lyrics.

After Kim teases with the riff a few times earlier in the show, the band do an instrumental take on Ghost Riders In The Sky at the end of Toronto Tontos. Earlier in the song he noodles a bit of Del Shannon's Runaway between verses.

The "Sarniatown Reggae" heard on Live Magnetic Air is often played during this period.



Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
Gary McCracken - Drums
Dave Myles - Bass