March 19, 1976

Le Cercle Electrique

Quebec City, QC


Here Among The Cats, Research (at Beach Resorts), Mash Moon In Hawaii, Diamonds Diamonds, Distressed, Lily, Coming Off The Moon, Marmalade Mama, Let Your Man Fly, Who Sura, Lip Service, Toronto Tontos, Lady Let Me In, Sunday Morning Cereal, In Context Of The Moon, Do You Or Don't You Want To Know, Blowing The Blues Away, 96 Tears, Blue River Liquor Shine, X + Y, Hangover, Anna Lea, Beyond The Moon, Don't Be A Moon, Howdy Doody Boogie


It was common for Max to do three or four sets a night in the bars in the early days, and by this point they are playing entirely original material (save for the noodle of 96 Tears). In their official 1976 Taurus Records biography Kim says the band has well over 50 pieces in their repertoire.

Although the band hasn't released an album yet, little do they realize they are playing songs that would end up on all five of their studio albums. Distressed and Beyond The Moon have different arrangements from what would end up on Mutiny Up My Sleeve. Blue River Liquor Shine is perhaps the most interesting of the bunch, as it has a slower and much more psychedelic arrangement with Terry Watkinson on organ (and block vocal harmonies throughout). The disco version of Lip Service is a far cry from the eventual album version as well.

The material that would end up on High Class In Borrowed Shoes is now being written. The working title for In Context Of The Moon is "In Context Of The Stars", while Diamonds Diamonds has a much different middle section and ending.

There are also quite a few songs that never ended up on a Max Webster album - Anna Lea, Don't Be A Moon, Howdy Doody Boogie, Do You Or Don't You Want To Know, X + Y, Marmalade Mama, Who Sura, Lady Let Me In, and Sunday Morning Cereal (the last of which is mostly a Paul Kersey drum solo). A section of Anna Lea eventually ended up in Lemon Wedge on Mitchell's "Itch" album in 1994.

Also of note is that they perform 5 of their 6 moon songs.



Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Tilka - Bass
Paul Kersey - Drums
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards