November 6, 1974

Larry's Hideaway

Toronto, ON


Peaches en Regalia, Battle Scar, Beyond The Moon, Overnight Sensation, Easy Rider To Toledo, Mash Moon In Hawaii, I Can Help, Marmalade Mama, Hot Spots, Tiny Pots, Blowing The Blues Away, Here Among The Cats, Lily, Distressed, Toronto Tontos, Anna Lea, Research (at Beach Resorts), Summer's Up, Leave Me Alone, X + Y, Howdy Doody Boogie


Apart from Frank Zappa's Peaches en Regalia and a spoofy version of Billy Swan's I Can Help (played to make fun of the idea of being in the top 40), Max's set is entirely originals already in 1974.

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Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Tilka - Bass
Paul Kersey - Drums
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards