July 14, 1974

Greenwood Park

Toronto, ON

Setlist Included:

Hocus Pocus


On a bill with four other bands, Max Webster were reviewed by the Globe And Mail as being "polished and professional."

Maxwebsterlive.ca contributor Gregg LaMarsh recalls the day:

It was so hot that afternoon that the cheese sandwiches we'd brought melted, no joke. We had absolutely no idea who this 'Max Webster' was and I recall saying to my guitarist pal, "There's only one more act coming on, and it's this 'Max Webster'. Betcha that he's some boring folkie like Valdy or something! Let's go home now." Imagine our shock when Max suddenly took the stage, crazy clothes and all!!

I remember them playing 'Hocus Pocus' plus much of what became their debut album. GREAT show. I went home to write in my teen diary:

"Just saw yet another great new band and they were called Max Webster."

Other Bands on the Bill:

Dancing By The Gate, Truck, The Garfield Band, Father



Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Tilka - Bass
Paul Kersey - Drums
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards