January 26, 1996

Hammer Lounge

Hamilton, ON


Oh War!, Check, Here Among The Cats, Lip Service, Charmonium, On The Road, Engine Room, Battle Scar, Diamonds Diamonds, A Million Vacations, Toronto Tontos, Let Go The Line, In Context Of The Moon, Waterline, High Class In Borrowed Shoes, Beyond The Moon, Hangover, The Party, Hoosh Rah


This gig at Hamilton Convention Centre finishes with a bizarre non-album track called Hoosh Rah. Kim introduces it as "something that when you're walking out into the parking lot you're going 'what the f&ck was that?'"

Original drummer Paul Kersey recalls playing this piece during his time with the band, so it dates back to 1976, at least.

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Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
Gary McCracken - Drums
Peter Fredette - Bass