December 5, 1990


Mississauga, ON


High Class In Borrowed Shoes, The Party, Toronto Tontos, In Context Of The Moon


After only one rehearsal, the 1976-77 lineup of Kim Mitchell, Gary McCracken, Mike Tilka and Terry Watkinson reunited for this 1990 awards show for 3,000 hysterical fans. Ian Thomas introduced them to the stage.

Advertised as a Max Webster reunion, audience members were disappointed that the band only played four songs (although all the other artists played one or two) to the point that they threw rocks and garbage at the stage for quite some time after the band walked off. The audience chanted "Max! Max! Max!" for about fifteen minutes, and then the show was finally able to continue as planned.

Much of the event was broadcast on CBC TV, including the first two songs of Max's set.


The first six photos were taken by Tom Kjaersgaard. The seventh one is by Keith Correa, and the eighth by Jaimie Vernon.



Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
Gary McCracken - Drums
Mike Tilka - Bass