June 22, 1979

Maple Leaf Gardens

Toronto, ON

Setlist Included:

Rascal Houdi, Lip Service, Let Go The Line, A Million Vacations, The Party, Beyond The Moon


With the platinum-selling "A Million Vacations" now in the charts, this is Max Webster's first time headlining Maple Leaf Gardens. While this show wasn't quite sold out, they would play the following two New Year's Eves here, which certainly were.

On occasion Geddy Lee and Pye Dubois would sing the "AOMU" part of Rascal Houdi into a microphone off stage, but tonight, despite Rush not being on the gig, Geddy Lee came on stage to deliver the goods.

104.5 CHUM FM did a radio spot during the show, and Beyond The Moon can be heard in the background.

Bob Saget once remarked that he opened for Max Webster at Maple Leaf Gardens. If that is indeed true, it would've been on this date.

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The first and sixth photos were submitted by Paul Whiteside, the third and fourth are by Donald Gadziola (as well as 7 through 26), and 27 is by Mike R Animationist. The fifth one is © Philip Kamin.

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Kim Mitchell - Vocals/Guitar
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
Gary McCracken - Drums
Dave Myles - Bass